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Williams High School Garter



Williams High School Garter Includes:

  • Garter Back with Decorative Points
  • 5.5″ Flower
  • #40 Garter Band
  • Twenty 16″ solid ribbons
  • Four 16″ fancy ribbons
  • Flat Braid with Bow

Product Extras

Grade *

Please choose the grade of the person wearing this item.

Color *

Homecoming Lettering *

For best results, choose the same kind of lettering for homecoming and names.

Name Lettering *

For best results, choose the same kind of lettering for homecoming and names.

Name Lettering Names *

We suggest using first names only.

Braids / Premium Streamers

Choose as many as you like, but for best results, choose at least two.

Imprint Ribbons

For best results, choose 3 to 10 ribbons total depending on how full you desire your order.

Charity Ribbon

100% of proceeds donated and matched by us, meaning we match every dollar donated.

Fancy Ribbons

To enhance your choices of ribbons, you may choose a few of these.


Choose as many as you like.
On “2-Tone FB w/ #” or “Jersey Charm w/ #”, please specify the number(s) you want in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS at the bottom of this order form.


Choose as many as you like.

Bells / Whistles

Choose as many as you like.


For best results, choose 2-4 total.

Flower Decorations

Please specify in special instruction below if you want your bear or mascot holding something. You can choose an item you have purchased from the activities, etc. If you order a tutu for your bear, you must still order a bear.


One boa includes both side of mum. Solid boas are available in navy or white. We recommend purchasing only one boa as anymore will cover up the rest of your purchases.

How To Wear Your Garter *

If your arm is smaller or larger than normal, a bandana will be adjustable by how tight you tie it on your arm.

Special Instructions

Please specify what you would like in the center of the flower(s) if you did not order a bear/mascot. If you want the bear/mascot to hold something, please specify here (ie: tennis ball, star charm, football). If you want something placed in a specific place, please give detail. If you ordered a jersey with number or a two-toned football with number, please specify which number(s) you wish to use for those items.

Spirit Ring

Delivery *

Extras total:
Grand total:

We want to ensure your purchase meets your expectations for your special day. Once you click ADD TO CART, you will be unable to EDIT or CHANGE your selection without RESTARTING YOUR ORDER. This is also true with adding to a WISHLIST, however adding to a wishlist allows you to share, print, or reference your item list at a later time. If you are ready to continue to payment process, please click ADD TO CART.

Some of our items DO SELL OUT! If we are unable to replenish our stock in time for your order, we will substitute any of these items with same-priced items in your colors.