Welcome to The “Original” Mum Shop!

WELCOME TO THE “ORIGINAL” MUM SHOP! Home to over 14,000 square feet of mums. Our retail store is open to the public during homecoming season, beginning July 31, 2023.

IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY VISITED OUR SITE, Welcome and we hope you will be a repeat customer. You will find an order form for your school under the ORDER tab. If your school isn’t in the list you can select “Other Schools” for a form you can use. Also check the FAQ tab for questions and answers to help you with a transaction, and the GALLERY tab to see examples of all our completed products.

IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME VISITOR, here are some things you should know.

The Mum Shop has been making mums and garters in North Texas for 39 years. In addition to custom orders, we also sell kits of basic mum and garter components and supplies to build or add to your own creation. Our quality workmanship, unique designs, low prices and customer service are recognized by our thousands of customers. Many school organizations use our mum and garter sales as a fundraiser, and we are regularly adding new schools to our list of clients. Here are some important features of our service that make the “Original” Mum Shop unique:

  • If you don’t find your school in the list on the right, don’t worry! We will make a mum or garter in just about any color combination you request. The ORDER tab will guide you to a form for making an online order.
  • We constantly find or create new products that will add to the visual appeal and uniqueness of your mum or garter.
  • If you are new to mums, come to our store and our staff will help you design the best possible mum or garter that fits your budget. Another option is to give us a budget amount and a few facts about the boy or girl who will wear it, and we will design and make the best possible mum or garter within your budget.
  • If we make a mistake on your order, bring it back to our store and we will fix it immediately while you wait. No questions and no charge.
  • We don’t charge rush or late fees for custom orders. So if you have an emergency, a last minute change of plans, or just simply forget to get a mum or garter for your Homecoming, we will get your order made.
  • If you bought a mum elsewhere or tried to make your own, and you’re not satisfied with the result, bring it to us and we will help you improve your mum or garter for a reasonable cost. We call this “the Mum Doctor service”.

If an organization at your school would like to find out more about using mum and garter sales as a fundraiser, go to the FUNDRAISERS tab and fill out the contact form.

If you have other questions that don’t seem to be answered on our website, the best means of communication is the email contact form on the CONTACT US tab. Fill out the required spaces and put your question in the Comment box. We will respond to your email address.