Frequently Asked Questions

You can order a mum or garter from The Mum Shop several different ways.

  • You can come into our store and see one of the largest homecoming exclusive stores in Texas. We have over 11,000 square feet of nothing but mums!  We can assist you in ordering your mum or garter for us to make, or you can pick out all the components you want and purchase them for assembly yourself.
  • Another way is designing your mum or garter on our website for us to assemble for you. We have detailed out the order process to make it as easy as possible to assist you in designing your desired mum or garter.
  • We also work with many of the area schools as fundraisers. If we work with your school you may be able to fill out a paper order form and pay at school.

Absolutely, we are able to fill orders for almost any school.  We have in stock or can make any color combination. The ORDER tab on the website will direct you to a form that can be used for any school. Just select “Other Schools” at the bottom of the list of schools.

We have found that mums and garters do not hold up well if they are shipped. Therefore, if you want a mum or garter and you live outside North Texas, you would need to be able to personally pick it up or have a representative pick it up at our store. If you have unusual circumstances and are willing to pay for packing and shipping your order, you need to contact us before ordering to determine if we can meet your needs.

We make a variety of custom orders such as these, but you must come to our store to order them. If you want to make it yourself, you can buy the components/supplies at the shop.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Payment is required when you place your order. Orders placed at the store can pay a 50% down payment and the balance when order is picked up.

If your school sponsor picks up completed mums and garters from our shop and delivers them to the school, the sponsor organization will determine that delivery date. For your order to be included in the delivery, the order must be placed at least 5 days prior to the delivery date. Orders submitted that do not request delivery or are too late to qualify for delivery will be completed according to the general rules in the next paragraph.

For all schools that do not make deliveries and schools that do not have contracts with the Mum Shop, we guarantee all orders ordered by the Friday before your homecoming to be ready by the Wednesday of your homecoming week, or on Tuesday if your homecoming game is on Thursday.  We do not complete orders according to when you order, but by the homecoming date. If you ordered after the Friday before your homecoming, we will have it complete no later than Thursday afternoon (or Wednesday for Thursday homecoming games).  You will get an email when your order is completed and ready for pickup. If you requested delivery of your order to the school, the email may contain information about how to get your order at the school. If the email doesn’t contain that information you will need to check with the sponsor organization or other sources to find out the delivery plans.

But remember, we do not refuse orders at any time. In an emergency it’s never too late to order and we will get it made!

This depends on what school you attend. Some of our schools deliver orders to the school for students to pick up. You will have the options available for your school when your order is placed. If picking up at our location, it will be very important to know your order number and to have received the email that says it’s complete. Please, if you send someone else to pick up your order, be sure they have a copy (paper or phone) of the completion email and order number.

Please email the store at [email protected], with your order number, as soon as you find out a change needs to be made.  What has been completed on your order will determine if there is an additional cost for a change or for cancelling. The minimum cost for changing an order is $7.50. You will get much faster service handling this via email than trying to call the shop.

If you need the colors of your order changed after your order is complete, you must place a new order.  We will attempt to sell your first order and give you a refund for the amount it sells for less the cost of your name streamer.

If you need to cancel your order and we have not started the process of building it, we will refund your entire purchase price-minus the processing fee of $3.25 and $7.50 for finding your order in our system. If we have made your name streamer only (which is the first step in our process), we will refund your purchase less the cost of your name streamer also. If more of your order has been complete, the refund will be based on how much has been done on your order. If we have substantially completed your order, we will attempt to sell it for you and if it sells, we will refund what we are able to sell it for less the cost of your name streamer.

Yes, you can add items and make certain changes.  Color changes-see previous question.  We want you to be happy with your purchase!  If changes are made before the order is complete, there is a $7.50 fee to find your order in our system and make the changes. This is in addition to the changes or items added to your order. If changes are made after the order is complete, fees will be charged for add-ons after completion, depending on the items and the amount of time and supplies it takes to complete. Depending on how busy we are at that time, it may be necessary to come back later for your changed mum or garter.

You can be as specific as you desire or leave the designing to us.  We want you to be happy with your purchase!  Please give all the details in the special instructions.

Each order form shows at the top what is included in the base price.

Yes we can!  We will gladly put a special item on your order for you.  If the item is something we carry, there will be a fee.  If there are numerous items, we will charge a fee as well.

Absolutely!  We would love to discuss what you are interested in and how to make this fundraiser work with your organization or school. Go to the FUNDRAISERS tab on the website and fill out the contact form. That will send an email to us and we will get in touch with you to discuss possibilities.

If you are going to another school’s homecoming or both school’s homecoming and need your order earlier than the school you ordered for, please send an email to [email protected] so we can make a note on your order. Putting this information in the special instructions will not determine when your order will be complete as they don’t get read before separating by date needed.

We cannot work with everyone’s exchange dates as we work on a week-by-week deadline for many schools each week. Please do not schedule your exchange dates before the guaranteed delivery date!

The best method is by filling out the email form on the CONTACT US tab of the website.